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Manufacturers keep track of the number of each item and parts produced.  The accountants assign a portion of fixed costs to each item to help management determine  the sales price.  I agree with Rusty Traque, there is no reason to let competitors know your volumes.  At the upper end, such information may be easy to extract when the BTOs have a cap of 75 or 100 units and it is announced no more orders are taken. Do you have a specific item in mind?  By the way, did you mean QUANTITY in the title?  John

It's called proprietary information. Businesses don't share such information in general. The exceptions, of course, include limited production runs that are included in the marketing of the product -- in other words, to entice you to buy an item.

Jim R. 

In the plastic model hobby the exact number of items manufactured is tracked.  But it is far from public information....I'd think the model rail biz is the same.  Why publish how much you are selling for the competition to analyze??  Why do so many think that everything a manufacture does needs to be posted on the net. I remember how you used to find out about new items....they showed up on the hobby shop shelves. Times have changed greatly....but there is still a lot of proprietary info out there.  


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