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Is there an newer version and an old version of both of these Lionel products, even if sku numbers are the same??


Let me rephrase the question.   Are there older models still on shelves that a seller might sell cheaper, even though it has the same sku #, is there a difference in models that can't load newer software or firmware??

I don't want to buy something only to find out it is obsolete.

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What if it is an original 990 remote/base set  and never went back to Lionel for the one time factory update?

Not that it can't be brought up to current (I would think Lionel will still take it to do that update if needed), but that might be an additional expense to be taken care of if by some odd chance someone was sitting on a "mint in box" one that never was taken care of in this respect.


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If it has version 1.0, it has to go back to Lionel.  I never saw a 1.1, all the 1.0 versions came back as 1.2, those could be field upgraded to any version.

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Thanks John. Would the same idea hold true for the 6-37921 ZW-L ? 

I know Lionel changed something with the 180W brick, but in that case they also changed the sku number.

I didn't realize there was more than one version of the ZW-L.  I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have changed much about it if they did a second run.

The PH180 brick apparently needed a redesign to meet UL standards.  The biggest thing I see about the changes is the stupid interlock that prevents it from powering on without a dummy pin in the mating connector.

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