I know that PS 3 can operate with both a DCS control system or DCC (Digital Command Control).  I also know that if you have a 2 rail capable MTH loco there is a DCC/DCS switch to select which control system to use 

Is there a DCC/DCS switch on PS 3 locomotives that are equipped for 3 rail operation only?

If not, can such a switch be added? 

 Is it via a socket on the PS 3 board, or does one have to make solder connections to the board itself?

Thanks in advance

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The #1 and #2 pins on the 40 pin connector are for the DCS/DCC switch. Make or break. If the switch isn't there you can add it.

I'll have to go look at which is which for the choice. I seem to remember that PS3 Railking 3 rail doesn't have the switch. Maybe just some models?

" on Sour mash and cheap wine " ??

Why go back to DCC when I have DCS!

Early model PS3 engines had the switch for DCC operation. It was later removed on Railking because many people would have the switch in the wrong position and mistakenly call MTH claiming that their engine was defective. It's pretty easy to run Railking PS3 engines in DCC mode and install a switch to flip back and forth to and from DCC & DCS.  

Contrary to what what others may say or believe, you can run Railking engines in DCC mode on a three rail layout without any problems.


sinclar, you say you run dcc on your three rail track is that correct? how does reversing loops affect the dcc? what dcc system are you using and what is powering it if I may ask. I am just toying in my mind right now  of trying the esu mobile command station. maybe installing esu oscale decoders in my non ps3 dcc ready engines. I currently use fastrack and mth dcs/legacy and a ZW pwc transformer with 2 180 lionel bricks for track power. 

Roger g.

I have Lionel 180W Powerhouses that power a ZW-C.  The output of the ZW powers my NCE 10amp booster and command base.  I then have the booster wired to my track, one wire to the center rail and one to the outside rails.  So I wire it no differently than any other 3R setup. I don't have a reverse loop wired up (There will be one in the finished layout.), but I don't see it as a problem at all just like it's no problem with other 3R setups.  They are only really an issue with 2R track.  I have one locomotive I put an ESU LokSound L v4 in and have been pleased with it.  Once the layout is done I'll be upgrading most of my conventional locomotives with LokSound v5 decoders, and hopefully be able to speed match them to my MTH locomotives.  I haven't done any CV programming yet, still trying to wrap my head around it.

Diesels have the DCS and DCC controlled via the 40 pin harness as stated.  For steam, the Tender board has a 2 pin jumper or switch attached.  If no switch, you remove jumper for DCC and install for DCS.  G

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