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I have the new CSX locomotive from the 2020 catalog, LionChief Plus #3291.

It arrived from Trainworld with no manual.   This is my first Lion Chief Plus so I don't know anything.  How do I make it smoke?  I don't see a switch, heck I don't even know where to put the fluid in.  Far as I can tell Lionel has  no such manual on PDF, (searched for it)  can someone help me?

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Would like to know if someone can help me? Just received a BN SD40 diesel #6-8585 as a gift from my son. I need to know what is the minimum radius track I can use for this engine and dummy car. I have 027 track and switches, but  i am sure i will need a bigger radius. Also who or what is the best way to get remote switch controlers as I have lost some over the years.

Dittmer Mike - If you're asking what the Product Number of your BN SD40 is - you've already provided it (ie. 6-8585), and if you buy something new in future from a retailer the PN will be on the packaging it comes in.  As for older 'used' items that are bought second hand and without any packaging, unless the Seller provides the PN you could either google the name of the item by type and its railroad name on the internet or here on the Forum and probably someone would be able to help you out.

As for your inquiry about "bigger radius track", if you're inquiring about O27 tubular track it's been around for years and is readily available at train shows, on the internet, at hobby shops, people on this Forum etc. etc. and originally came in different curvatures including 27", 42" and 54" to name a few.

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