I want to have a multi-accessory logging operation: loading logs, taking them to multiple storage and loading facilities and eventually to saw mills.  My question is :  Will the AF Log Loader only work with the "fat" logs that come with it or can it pick up the Lionel Logs used in the Lionel Lumber Mill/ Saw Mill (and drop them into Lionel 3451/61s with some reasonable accuracy) ?  Also has anyone used the AF log loader and saw mill on a raised "platform" underneath the base so that scale cars/locos can run under them ?

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Eddie, The AF log loader is VERY particular in regard to the logs it will handle. They have to be the "fat" variety, otherwise the clamping device will not hold them. It is a friction fit and anything less in diameter will not work. It's a fun accessory, but noisy as **** when the log is being pushed into the overhead clamping device,

You'll want the AF #787 log loader.  This one uses the same logs as the Lionel saw mill.


In addition to the original, this has been remade by Lionel:


And yes, you can elevate the base on AF accessories so they will line up with O-scale stuff.  Here is my AF oil drum loader on my layout.  I made the raised platform it sits on from pink extruded styrofoam and added ground cover held in place with white glue.

West Val very Small 3


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