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I am looking to build/kitbash the Pennsylvania Clearance car #497125. It was made at the PRR shop from a prior inspection car which itself came from a PRR P68 passenger car. So the car has a smooth round roof, relatively smooth ( not ribbed-some rivet detail) sides and four wheel trucks. Most of my PRR passenger cars are in the 15-18" length and so I would prefer the clearance car to be the same. Plastic would be easier to work with than aluminum. I am having trouble finding a passenger car ( of any RR line) which I could use-so does anyone know of a toy train manufacturer who made a P68 type car-or even an  aluminum one and then I would purchase a plastic round roof to "fit" ( the roof is the part which will require the most alterations) -or a passenger car with a celestial roof which I could replace with a round one. Or any other suggestions you all may have. Thanks in advance, turtle7

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Interesting car to model, and looks like it will require a lot of custom building.  I have never seen a P68 or a PRR clearance car modeled, but after looking at pictures, my suggestion would be to acquire any 15" or 18" baggage car with 4-wheel trucks, as you choose, and start the modification process.  Cutting out and rebuilding the "whisker" part will be quite a challenge.

I couldn't find plans for the car you wish to model, but plans for a P68 (the only one I could locate) seem to be obtainable from the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission for a fee.  At least then you will know where to start.

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WOW  Thanks for those suggestions-this is, IMHO, EXACTLY what continues this hobby as so much fun for this old man. Pennsynut-I couldn't figure out how to get the address to some nice info/pictures of this car-but Google "pennsylvania clearance car" and the second or third recommended site will be "clearance car 497125 Ketstone Crossings"-some nice description and pictures. Prrhorseshoe curve-those GGD cars are perfect-except they are 21"-and all my Pennsy passenger consists are in the 15-18" ( mostly 15) range--so that car may be a bit too long. So I will talk with our #5 child ( a mechanical engineer for Briggs&Stratton) who use to be a WWII tank modeler and who builds such cars for me ( with lots of prodding)-to see what he thinks about using a 21" car.  Thanks so much-and if you folks come across a car which is even close, let me know. Thanks so much, turtle7

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