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Hi all,

Have a question for which I'd appreciate if someone with better understanding of Legacy electronics could answer for me.

I have a Lionel 6-11340 B&O EM-1 2-8-8-4 steamer with Legacy.  It came with the generic hooter whistle as well as the New Yorker in the cab for crewtalk.  I decided a month or so ago to try swapping in the Railsounds Lite board from the 6-82340 N&W Y6b to get the much better whistle and slightly more appropriate crewtalk sounds.

That worked great, but in the process, I lost the double chuff (8 chuffs per revolution) at low speeds that switches to 4 chuffs after a certain speed step.  As it is now, it just does 4 chuffs per revolution from a start.  Clearly, there must be another board or component that must be swapped to correct for this.  But is it the sensor board on the motor, or the main RCMC, or something else?  Would there be adverse effects of swapping this?

I can honestly live with the 4 chuffs per revolution at slow speeds in exchange for the great whistle, but would be great if there were a simple way of correcting this issue.

Thanks in advance!

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