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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

Post your non-O scale stuff here!


Is 50’s-60’s Lionel HO (particularly the unique rolling stock) typically true to 1/87 scale, overscale or underscale?

I’ve been working in OO recently and always on the lookout for overscale HO items that fit in well once the trucks and wheelsets get sorted out. I thought some of that period Lionel HO might give me variety in my rolling stock…


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Thanks for answering the Lionel HO question, saves me some effort. Yes, I have all or the Lionel OO and their near twins from Scale-Craft. I have a Revell “Extra Long” Gondola that’s close enough to OO, I’ll look at their hoppers, thanks for the tip.

I was really hoping that the more whimsical cars and that one series of Lionel HO passenger cars were out of scale in my favor. My true OO passenger cars from Scale-Craft weigh a ton! Oh well!

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