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I originally posted this last week in the wrong forum section and did not get any response...   So thought I'd try once more to post specifically in the Lionel Products section.   For those that bought the Brass Hybrid Challenger last year from Lionel, could you please share your impressions now that you've had it a while.  Do you still think it's better than a regular (non-brass) Challenger, or are you now thinking not much difference?   Worth it?   No bashing, just honest thoughts now that you've lived with it a bit.  Thanks.  

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Just thought I’d pop back in again, I do really like my two CSA-2 challengers. I know everyone’s first thought is to compare them to the later “Heavy” Challengers but really I feel they stand on their own as their own style of locomotive. Past that I like the Lionel model brass has a different feel than diecast, their were a number of different detail variations witch I liked that way they all don’t look the same. To me while they are 4-6-6-4 “Challengers” they don’t feel like just another challenger of that makes sense.

in general with the model I think the only widely common issue was that the screws for the motor mount weren’t torqued so they liked to back out in shipping. This would cause motor stalls or noise drive train.

Hi Trainman - heres 3 vids of mine running doubleheaded with a Vision Line Die cast challenger. I love them both and if the price is right I would recommend getting the Brass Hybrid Challenger. The headlight is super bright and looks great going through the tunnel - it doesn’t pull as well as its diecast brother so I doublehead if I have more than 20 cars to pull - This isn’t a flaw so much as just a brass boiler is going to have less weight than a diecast and a little less tractive effort. I also run heavy trains on steeper grades on my layout too.
i also recommend painting the pilot wheels black as that makes a nice difference.


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