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I created my first pond out of a 2 inch foam base. I built the bottom up to reduce the depth and lined the whole thing with plaster cloth. I then spread mod podge over the bottom to smooth it out. After painting the bottom you can see the roughness of the plaster cloth. I’m wondering how this will look after I add the envirotex 2 part product for the water. I have attached a photo. I would appreciate any comments. Thanks.5E32A0B7-C42F-4681-B922-0EEE078177D5




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I would make the borders of the pond more irregular instead of  straight lines. I think the bottom of your pond will look ok the way you have it painted. How deep is your pour. Just completed a lake and river with two part expoxy from Alumalite. Poured about 3/4” thick and it turned out great. Just remember, you just have one chance with epoxy. If you haven’t used this material before you might consider a test pour. You must mix the two parts really well.

Thanks for responding. My pour depth will be 1/4 inch or slightly more using two 1/8 inch pours. This product recommends max pours of 1/8 inch. This pond wasn’t meant to be natural so the reason for the straight lines. I understand the importance of getting it right the first time. I was mostly worried about roughness of the painted bottom. 

I think the center area is too dark. I would vary the color gradually from dark brown near the center to lighter brown (as you have) at the edges. You're trying to simulate a muddy bottom. You could add some fine brown ballast or real dirt to blend in the edges of the plaster cloth and even a bit of green ground cover. The roughness is realistic for a pond bottom and should look correct after you pour and the water surface levels out. Experiment by taking a paper plate, finish and paint it like the layout, then do a test pour. The Envirotex "water" on my layout is between 1/16" and 1/8" deep. I left it that way - just one pour - because the Envirotex seems to give the illusion of increased water depth. Make sure the boundary rocks are higher than the depth of your pour. I did this only once but it came out well.


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