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I have nine Ross uncouplers in my yard.  I'm getting ready to wire them (using Lionel #90 Controllers to activate).  Of the two wires coming from the uncoupler, does it matter which one goes to the ground and which one goes to the hot wire coming from the #90 Controller?  The Dummy who installed the uncouplers didn't pay attention to which wire was which when dropping them through the table.  Thanks for any help.

The Dummy

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I've attached a picture of what I have.  It doesn't match what GarGraves currently sells but on my spare uncouplers they are dated 1989 so may be they don't make this version anymore.  I'll just try wiring one up and see if it works okay.  The power will come off of a ZW but the common is common to both the ZW and the ZW-L that actually powers the siding.  20211126_202703A


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