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Hey Guys,

I plan on collecting one by one, over the next few years, the early 4-wheel Lionel 800 tinplate series, being  #802, 803, 804 etc.  (I think all of these have the nice Lionel Lines metal ID plate on them)

I noticed, however, that there is also a Lionel #902 gondola, which although it is 4-wheel, doesn't look like it was part of that earlier set.  It seems to have the same type of couplers as the 800 series set.

Was the 902 just an odd one-off car, or was there a later Lionel series/set of 4-wheelers, in the 900 range, with the same couplers?

Thanks for any info.


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@Mannyrock, the 902 Gondola is one of 3 900 series number cars that really are just 800 series rolling stock.

The 900 Ammunition car was issued from 1917-1921 and was essentially an early 800 series boxcar.

The 901 Gondola car, issued from 1917-1927 is basically an early 800 series car with a 901 numbering.

The 902 Gondola is a second generation 800 series car issued from ~1927-34

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