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The question I have is about this Lionel 252 prewar that was purchase as separate parts from different vendors (frame, shell and motor).
The chassis needed to be re painted due to the condition.
I removed all of the trim from the chassis and shell and polished/lacquered all of the brass.
I just waxed the shell and with butchers wax (figure I try what I have than pay the high price of a paste/cleaner wax).
The chassis needed to be re painted due to the condition.

My question is the shell if it should be repainted or not.

Remember this is not a 252 that came complete from the factory but is being assembled with parts.
I would do a fantasy paint job using Lionel colors (orange and Blue) masking of areas like the roof/bottom stripe and vent flap.


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Just a update on my 252 repaint.

I have decided to repaint the shell as I have two others 252 in green that have original paint and are original and waiting to be assembled.

The repaint on this shell, will be in Lionel colors orange and blue.
The frame has been painted and awaiting the couplers to be put back on.
Note that the frame is black with orange cow catchers.
The motors wheels will be repainted as orange.

The shell will basically be painted orange with a blue roof, blue lower stipe on the bottom of the frame, the doors on each end of the engine will be blue and the last thing to be blue will be the side covers above the grills.

I also found a easy way to mask the flag stanchion, if anyone is interested in this just ask.

I will be posting the completed frame assembly with motor and reversing switch when I am done.


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Hi Rich, the flag stanchions are riveted to the frame, I used heat shrink to to mask the stanchions with a piece of tape on the top of the heat shrink tube to block the paint spray.
I then used a brush with clear paint to coat the stations as I had problems years ago with the clear attacking the black paint.
I used Rustoleum spay cans  (orange, blue and clear )and it is close enough for the Lionel color.
Since the wheel are solid and not spoked I will do it assembled. Originally I did the wheels in red when it they were off, just have to do one side at a time and let dry.

Not sure what I will pull with it I have a bunch of old freight cars and cabooses that may get a similar paint job as they are really beat up.

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