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Happy thanksgiving everyone! I have a a question for you all on a 2017 MTH PS3 upgrade kit. Currently, I am trying to upgrade a fried PS2 Climax and I noticed the speaker is a custom job. My question is, can I still use the old speaker? The new speaker is way too big and I am already pressed for space. Also, is the board a 5v system or a 3v system? Thanks for y’all’s help.

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Well, I can't imagine why you're taking the smoke unit out of the Climax to replace the board, that makes no sense!  The battery and board are in the tender!

You're going to run into a major issue with the upgrade kit unless you plan on doing a complete upgrade, that will be a lot of work.  What you really need is the PS32 board with the 5V connectors, that makes this job much more manageable. The upgrade kit has the white 3V connectors that are NOT compatible with the wiring harness in that Climax.

When I replaced the 5V board in one of these, I had to take the plastic carrier off the PS32 board set and also grind out some diecast in the tender shell to make room to fit the board.  I did find a speaker on Digikey that exactly fit for the existing speaker.

The owner was told it needed to be fully converted to PS3 by an authorized service center in San Antonio. The reason why they could not fix it is because it is ran by one man and he is having health problems. Thus, I am doing a full conversion.
For the smoke unit, I am not having to replace the board. The manual shows I have to isolate it in order for the PS3 board to do all the work instead of a separate board.

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Interesting, it looks like I have found myself in a bigger hole than I want to be in. I guess I should have consulted with you first before I made my decision to take the job. Live and learn.
Even though this is a full conversion kit, would I be able to do a full conversion, or do I need to stop and get the PS32 kit? If so, where can I get one?

As Lou said, you really need the PS32 board with the 5V connectors, then you can just replace the board without changing any wiring.  It is a tight fit in the tender, but since the full upgrade kit PS32 board is the same size, that problem doesn't go away with the full upgrade.

I also still have a few of the older 5V PS/2 boards.  If my Climax board ever croaks, this is one place that I may consider just dropping that board in.

You are doing this repair and do not understand the basics, like the smoke unit.  You short one wire, or make one mistake and you are out the cost of a new board.

You are repairing a PS-2 engine, not upgrading a PS-1 engine.  You would be better off sending to John to do the repair.  You will also run into space issue with this repair and usually a custom heatsink.  G

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