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I recently purchased a couple Lionel 21 inch Santa Fe streamline passenger coaches.  These are the regular height cars, not the super liners.  I am going to convert them to 2 rail.  A couple of the diaphragms were broken on the cars.   I wanted to order replacements from Lionel, but all I could find was the 610-5375-006 and the 610-5365-006 which appear to be for the 18 inch cars.  They really look like they would work though.

Does anyone know if these are the right diaphragms for the 21 inch cars too?  I could not find an exploded view for my cars which are part number 6-22044.

And will the diaphragms stay together or do they gap on wide radius (0-96 or larger) curves?

I attached a picture of the non broken end on the car than I have.  Thank you for any help.


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@PRRMP54 posted:

I hope that  you post some photos of how you converted these cars as I have one that I would like to convert.

I will.  Right now I plan to use MTH 2 rail trucks on them as opposed to NWSL wheels.  The bearing caps seem to fall off the stock trucks pretty easily.  They look nice, but there doesn't seem to be a good way to keep them attached.

It also looks like they are pre-drilled for KD couplers so that makes it easy.  My main concern now is if those diaphragms gap on a 60 inch radius curve.

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