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Hi all,    I just wanted to make sure I would be able to re-join TCA at the doors and go to the show on Thursday.  I found their website a little confusing.

I don't live too far away, but far enough that I wouldn't want to be turned around at the door on Thursday.  You can still join at the doors?

I was a member but probably about 10 years ago so I wouldn't qualify as a guest although it's been a while.

What is the total cost to re-join and attend the show?  

Are the dues by the calendar year or a year from joining?

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You should have no problem rejoining TCA at the door.   At one time there was a requirement to pay all the back dues in order to rejoin, which stopped me from rejoining.   That is no longer the requirement.

You can rejoin at the silver hall registration desk.  You can also ask for your old number back.  Very easy process.

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