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Several questions about Southern Pacific's 0-6-0 switchers.  I model SP on my layout.  I know most SP steam locomotives burned oil and most had the Vandy tender.  Were the Vandy tenders on the 0-6-0's proportionally smaller?  Was there a "standard" size for all Vandy tenders?  Would a

Pacific 4-6-2's Vandy tender be the same size as an 0-6-0's tender?  I looked on Espee Railfan's website, which is very informative, but I can't tell.


There is a method to my madness.  I have a Premier MTH Texas Pacific 0-6-0 switcher.  It has a coal tender.  I also have a brand new K-Line SP Vandy tender.  It is semi-scale.  I was thinking of repainting, re-lettering and re-numbering this locomotive and using the K-Line SP Vandy tender with it to make it an SP 0-6-0 switcher.  I'm wondering if the K-line tender would be the correct size.  Matt

SP 1294 0-6-0 Swithcer

SP 1240 0-6-0 Switcher

Texas and Pacific 0-6-0 20-3355-1

Texas and Pacific 0-6-0 standing by in the Double Tracks Yard

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Matt, all were different. The K-line tender is a little under scale for most SP steamers but I think work well with the 0-6-0. Some of these switchers had whale back tenders. Anyway if you like the looks of it, do it. It's your soon to be railroad. Most of the pictures I've seen of the 0-6-0s have a little shorter tender than the K-line. Don



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The tenders were smaller than the ones used on the larger engines for the most part. Most had cylindrical tanks with or without raised oil compartments.

As an SP fan you owe it to yourself to get a copy of Guy Dunscomb's book "A Century of Southern Pacific Steam Locomotives" (aka the bible on SP steam).






At one time or another during their long careers these SP yard switchers had several different types of tenders; sausage, rectangular, and vandy - see Guy Dunscumb's book 'A Century of Southern Pacific Steam Locomotives' for several photos. Originally this model started out as an Atlas Burlington 0-6-0 which was then repainted by Jeff Sohn a few years ago to resemble an SP switcher. And except for the incorrect shape of the middle dome on top of the boiler, it looks pretty decent shuttling back and forth in my freight yard. And yes its a 2-rail model not 3-rail.



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