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If you have questions that you would like MTH to answer at the October York DCS User Group Meeting, please be sure to post them on this thread or on the main meeting thread in the Featured Topics at the top of this forum.

The cut-off date for questions is the end of the daySunday, October 9th so that MTH has enough time to prepare answers.


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Anybody guess my #1 question???? anyone?

1) Where's the scale protocouplers at now? any hope at all?? sung to .... "am I all alone"....

2) of course... where's the pro app at development wise?

3) any O rolling stock sound cars coming? new G scale too. (I keep buying Lionel's, I'm looking at DCC ones too.)

4) can I get my hands on a small PS3 AC power kit that will fit in a track-mobile?

5) any new G scale stuff in the works?

any other questions you'd ask Barry, feel free to ask on my behalf...



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