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I have some questions on the Lionel # 61 goose-neck lamp post (standard gauge) that I cannot find in the “OGR” forum search of with my books.
I put this in the Tinplate Forum as to get more of a response than putting it in the Scenery and Structure forum section.

I Purchased one (Green one) from one of the OGR forum members a while back and just acquired 2 more (someone painted them  painted red and blue) on eBay (could not pass up the price).
See pictures below.

It seems that Lionel must have had two revision types of the # 61 Goose neck lamps as the base of one is larger in height and width (definitely different cast iron bases). The lamp is larger than the red/blue lamp post.
The Green one has a larger shade, do not know if this was changed or this is how it came.

So my question goes out, are there two type of revision on these, earlier and later?
If so which one is earlier? Or was one made by a different manufacture?

Also found that Olsen’s sells the missing filigree for the #61 lamp post. Have not placed the order yet and hope they have them.
I replaced the filigrees  before on the smaller goose-neck lamps and it not that difficult. Brings it back to life.
The two red/blue lamp post will be stripped/cleaned/repainted/rewired.


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