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Next time you look through the window of your passenger cars, think what's missing? That's right, Headrest Covers! Scale City Designs has you covered! This is a quick and easy to do upgrade and will fit pretty much any brand passenger car seats out there. We did a few seats on a B&O car to show just how they really upgrade the interior with before and after shots. Each Headrest Cover set comes with 90pcs and is coated with a peel and stick material. So you literally just take your car apart with the few screws, clean the seat, peel and stick the new headrest cover and reinstall the shell! Makes a great evening project and completes the interior nicely.

Right now we have available: B&O, PRR, Milwaukee Road (2 styles), NYC (2 styles) @ just $5 for 1 package of 90 covers!

Just to beat the rivet counters to the punch, we realize these are not 100% perfect to the exact prototype, they were designed to be legible and give a close look.

Click Here to check them out and order at

Don't see your favorite railroad listed, please just make a request here or by email and we will get them in production for you!




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Mike DeBerg posted:

Would like to take advantage of the free shipping, however, are the former Keil-Line D-style signals on the website or being offered yet through Scale City Designs?   Last time I looked on the website I didn't see them under the signals section.


Hi Mike

We haven't officially released the signals yet, as there was some learning curve to make sure we produced them properly. We have that figured out and placed some orders for parts we need to get them in production again and are looking for a release next month. However we do have enough parts to produce some of them, so please download our catalog here

Send us an email with the part numbers you need and we will do our best to help you now, if by chance it's one we are waiting for parts, we will create an order with the OGR shipping discount now and when its ready to ship will be free freight. ALSO if it's a back ordered item we will NOT expect you to pay until it's ready to ship.


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