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Length alone cannot solely be used to judge whether a flat car is scale or not.  Standard flat cars ranged in length from 30 feet to over 60 feet over the striker plates.  Look at the width.  A flat car should be 9 feet to 9 feet 3 inches in width which in O scale will be 2 1/4 inches to 2 3/16 inches.


While 56' can be "normal" for a flatcar, they also had shorter cars.  40' flats were common too.

I've found the thing you have to look at in "traditional size" rolling stock is the width.

I had a MTH Railking gondola that I thought was fine until I built a scale gondola of the same type, ended up having to make new ends and floor once I saw how out of scale the MTH car was.

I have 2 Lionel flats that appear to be fine models of cars around 40' long.

Bob D,

   Menard's has the 40' flat Cars covered also, I had to replace the original Menard's Trucks, but the Flat Car now runs great with the MTH Primer Trucks, and as a 40' it is darn near scale also.  The Atlas Scale Insulated Box Car just behind the Menard's Military Tank Flat Car, shows the correct scale size.   However to me as a non-rivet counter, I only care about the quality of the rolling stock not the exact scale size.  Now that Menard's has upgraded their Trucks & Couplers, I keep investing in them, especially for my Military Train.





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