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I recently purchased a new 20-21459-1 Erie f3. The description states the unit has quillable whistle. I downloaded the 6.1 software, but I don’t see the soft key needed for the whistle on my remote. Is is possible the unit doesn’t actually have the quill function or is there something else I am missing? I did delete the engine and add it back in thinking that may be it.

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@Hot Water posted:

For what it's worth, in the real world, modern diesels do NOT have "quillable" air horns, as they are activated by an electric push button on the Engineer's control stand, or the Conductor's desk. Thus, the air horn is either off or on full blast.

and yet the "other brand" users brag about how their control allows for more playability. Some units sound like a donkey to me. I posted that and it was deleted at the speed of light!

@Oman posted:

I merely asked if the quillable horn on my diesel was correct and all I got were scolding comments. I described mine as sounding like a sick moose. Good to know that it's not prototypically correct.

To be correct, the "quillable" horn is not prototypically correct for MODERN diesels. If you have models of earlier diesels, i.e. GP7/GP9/F7/E8/GP30/GP35 for example, then the "quillable" would be correct.

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