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Hello,  Looking for some help with the MTH PS 3.0 Steam Locomotives with the Quillable Steaming (Smoking) Whistle Feature.  I have the MTH Premier  20-3840-1  Erie 2-8-2 Mikado Steam Loco with PS 3.0  with quillable steaming whistle that was released in late 2021 early 2022 (I believe). The Locomotive does have the steaming (smoking) Whistle feature. I know that pushing the "FSW"  Soft Key on the DCS Handheld Remote before pushing the White Whistle Button results in a fair amount of smoke from the Whistle port on top of the Locomotive when sounding the Whistle....However, I remember reading about, and trying,  a "tip" or "trick" that was posted either on this Forum, or in an Article on the new MTH Smoking Whistle feature about "another" command, or softkey, that when used together with the FSW Softkey resulted in a much more satisfying, heavier; and further projection of the smoke stream produced by the Smoking Whistle feature.  Is there anyone out there who remembers or uses this sequence of steps that produces the much heavier stronger smoke stream..? Thank you....I don't think I'm crazy...I do remember this feature working much better on my Erie Mikado, and my MTH "J" 4-8-4 Steamer  with steaming whistle with much more satisfying (if you're a steaming whistle Fan as I am) results. Thanks for any help.   

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Note, I find this whole function way, way, way, way easier on a tablet with the DCS app using WIU+TIU.

The whistle pull cord in the app changes to purple in quilling mode and back to white for normal white whistle/horn button like operation with just a tap.

Again, the huge difference, the app lets you still have speed control while quilling the whistle because they are separate input icons- where as on the DCS remote, there is only one scroll wheel and buttons, this being a huge difference about DCS remote compared to say a CAB2.

The steaming whistle effect fan speed is proportional then to the quilling effect matching sound. The further you pull the cord down (or using the remote, rolling the thumbwheel) the louder the whistle gets and the stronger the smoke unit fan blows.

Thank you all....Yep...that is the "Tip" I remember reading about. I knew it involved "another" Softkey,  the "SPW",  but I forgot  the part  about "rotating"  the Thumbwheel to  vary the intensity. That was the missing link. May be losing a bit of the gray matter when it comes to remembering some things but I'm not totally gone yet...there actually is a procedure to enhance the whistle smoke output....Thank You...!

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