For those who've joined a club for the purpose of running trains since you have no layout of your own, how far away is the club from your home and how often do you go there? Also, do you go on a regular basis and how long do you typically stay there? Btw, do you bring your own trains to run, run the club's trains, or do both?




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I joined a local club a year ago. My entire life I've been nothing but a Christmas runner. I go once a month at least, run my own trains and enjoy the heck out of it. It's about 20 minutes away, which is really nice!!

Being off the floor is nice, our layout is approx 25 x 45. Nice to see your stuff run on something so big. 

All clubs are a little different, I'm just mad I waited to long!

Jeff T - LCCA

North Central O Gaugers

I am at the club twice a week.  Wednesday morning is a work session to build and make repairs on the display.    The real draw is lunch after about 2 hours of work.  (We don't work very hard now that most of the display is finished.)

Saturday morning is a run session.  I bring my own trains most Saturdays.  Sometimes I will run the club's trains.  Again, the best part of Saturday is going to lunch with the guys.  I find that that the best part of being in my club is the friendships that I have made.

The club also has about five public shows on both Saturday and Sunday each year.  These are a lot of fun.

The club also has field trips to see home layouts and train trips to the California State Railroad Museum and other real railroad attractions.  

I wouldn't bother being a club member just to run trains or build stuff.  I can do that at home.  But home, no matter how pleasant, can become very lonely and unsatisfying.   The best part of model railroading for me is sharing the hobby with other enthusiasts and the public.   NH Joe

I’m a member of a local club which has a test track, although not a club layout (the clubs layouts are basically built for exhibition). 

I go on Mondays, club night when I’m home. I’ve also been to another club which has a monthly running night, and an annual running day


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