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I'm hoping someone at Atlas can tell us if the color of the Guilford/Springfield Terminal Premier SD45 will be light gray as shown in the catalog image?  The prototypical Guilford gray is much darker...almost black when brand new, then more like a Charcoal Gray as the paint faded over time.  See the photos of SD45 #689 and SD45 #686 below.

Guilford/Springfield Terminal SD45 # 689

Guilford/Springfield Terminal SD45 # 686

MTH originally got the color wrong on early Guilford locomotive releases.  For example, the GP35's and GP38-2's were painted a lighter shade of gray, similar to the new Atlas catalog image.  However, MTH eventually got it much closer to correct on its most recent Guilford release (GP40's).  See my personal photos of both the early (GP38-2 on left) and late (GP40 on right) paint colors below...


Also, since these are being produced from original MTH tooling, will they be 3/2 convertible?  I like the fixed pilots and full-length handrails of the 2-rail version, but will probably need to swap out the wheelsets to 3-rail and add pick-up rollers.  If they are 3/2 convertible, will pick-up rollers be included?

I'd like to pre-order one or two of these in 2-rail, but only if the color is correct and they are convertible to 3-rail wheels.

Thank you.


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@Paul Graf posted:

The production color will be the darker gray.

I checked with Andy about the 2/3R issue and he said "First, yes, the engines feature the Proto-Scale 3/2 Truck and are convertible to 3-rail if the customer buys the 2-rail scale wheel version. "

Well I’ve checked on 2 dealers web pages - specifically in the “features” sections. Both show separate 3 rail and 2 rail available. NOWHERE is 3/2 mentioned. 2 rail says with fixed pilots 👍and long steps railing 👍. It looks like both have DDC receiver And DCS. 🤔🤔🤔.  That makes me believe there is a 3rail pickup on both.
So….. a 3railer can buy the 2 rail model and just flip a switch to go from 2 to 3 rail and can just buy some 3 rail wheels (hi-rail”) to swap out to get the wheel flanges that they want. Correct me if I’ve misinterpreted this !!!

If correct, This Should Bring In More Reservations/Sales.

[ I SURE WISH MTH had Offered These same options in their Recent U25 offering !!! (Many requests) (Many Missed Sales as they did not) ]

AND ….. it sure would be nice to see Atlas offer unpowered units !!! That would be Another Plus for these  offerings !!!!!!

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