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Hi all,

I picked up a set the new MTH R-40 Proto 3 subway set. It came with a plug wired with an in-line resistor. There is no mention of it in the instruction manual, or did I miss something? Does anyone know what it is for? I run using DCS. Thank in advance for any and all information.

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Yes, the plug is intended for use if you replace the rear Proto-Coupler with one of the short fixed non-operating couplers.

Switching to the shorter couplers will bring the cars closer together for a more prototypical appearance. I think they look better that way but a potential drawback is that it increases the minimum curve required. My El has loops with GG O-42 and O-54 curves: the R40s will negotiate O-42 curves with the factory couplers but the pantograph gates will touch with the short couplers. The short couplers are fine on my O-54 or larger loops.

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