Just for the absolute fun of it, I pulled my battery powered 49MHz R/C engine setup that I designed and built in 2011 off the shelf and fired it up on my layout. It ran perfectly and was so simple to run and enjoy. Sometimes we let things get too darn complicated. For those of you who like details, see the attached.

A video of this setup in action is:





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Hi Bob, this is a great way to run our trains. I have been converting engines for the past 25 years. We have many options today to choose from.  Go Dead Rail!!


That vintage 2011 R/C setup provides a variable DC voltage to the loco can motors. Because of the popularity of PWM for motor power, I also built a PWM version. When I ran both locos on my layout and compared the two approaches, I could not find any appreciable operating differences and both functioned identically. PWM seems to be the current preferred mode for motor control.

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