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I am having difficulty with tapping horn (whistle), bells etc to program the Protosound 2 on my R17 subway set.  Just can't get the tapping right to change modes and have the train run correctly.  Is there something that I can do other than use the depressing of the bells and horn buttons.  It's very frustrating.  I appreciate your input. Thanks...

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Originally Posted by Barry Broskowitz:

Unless you're using DCS, the only way to program PS2 subways and trolleys is to use the bell and whistle/horn buttons on the transformer.


Use 1/2 second presses with 12 second pauses in between.


What transformer are you sung?

Was 12 a typo?  It's been a long time since I activated auto-mode with the bell buttons, but I thought it was 1-2 second pause in between.



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