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Happy New Years, Cory and a really nice addition. I love running my  R34 cars in a mixed consist with my blue doored R32s.  You can even program them in dcs to run as a consist with one powered  engine in the lead and the other in the middle of the mixed consist. Lots of fun and they look prototypically great. Enjoy your new set!

Thanks , that’s sounds cool. I’ll definitely try it if I ever find an R32 set. The R32 is definitely on my list of sets to get.

@RailRide posted:

Trivia: The motorman figure in the cab is modeled after the person who provided the voiceover (as well as a ton of information that allowed MTH to make the subway sets)

Adding that music in really hits it home. Dennis would have enjoyed seeing it.


Thanks for the info. I try to add music to make more enjoyable. It’s nice to know that you enjoyed and that he would have also 🙂🙂

@ThatGuy posted:

Thank you for the video it’s well done and I know the excitement of opening any of the boxes I myself used to own a set of are 32s beautiful Trains, but when Lionel came out with the opening doors, that was the end of MTH for me. Enjoy your new subways.

Thanks, I’m glad you like it. I’m looking to add some Lionel sets to my collection eventually.

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