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I'm sure this has got to be a simple one for anyone who owns this set.

I picked up one of these recently and all seems to work well, but I note the bell is more of a double buzzer than a bell.

Since I'm not a prototype expert, forgive me if this is supposed to be like this and I am just not aware.

Since the rest of the features seem to work well, I'm guessing it's meant to be this way, but figured I'd ask.


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The Buzzer was generally used as signals between the conductor and motorman. As I recall, the conductor would signal two short buzz's when he was ready to depart a terminal station. There were probably other signals as well.


Eighth ave and 14th street on the Canarsie line had a Bell in the station which was sounded when it was time for a train to leave. The bell was not on the train.

Train buzzer signalling is covered under Rule 3.62:


1 long: Stop

2 long: Proceed on signal clearance

2 short: Answer to any signal

3 short: Signal for operator to sound horn for a Road Car Inspector

long-short-long-short: Signal for operator to sound train horn for police assistance

5 short: Signal for conductor to come to operator's cab

That said, for years, I've heard two shorts from the conductor signalling

the operator to leave the station.



So now that your question was answered, does anyone know why the

conductor would signal the motorman with what sounded like two shorts

in order to proceed?  Did two longs just become shorter as it was the

signal they used 99% of the time, or is the conductor answering a (non-buzzer)

signal given by the motorman?  I suspect the former, but it would be cool

to hear from someone with more definitive info.




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