R36 Worlds Fair Cars by MTH in the 2012 Vol 1 Catalog

I just got my 2012 Vol. 1 Catalog. The R36 World's Fair Subway cars will be Proto 3. The # is 30-20105-1 (Rail King). They look fantastic.

The only frawback is that in order to complete the 6 car set (2 Car Add-On), you must buy Premier 20-98868 and 20-98869. These are the add on cars on flatbeds.

Anyone know if the cars are LED equiped?
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will it be the same route???,i was thinking maybe gettn the new r-36 and then switching the shells from the old one because they have the logo on them.anyone know if the 2 add-ons on the flat cars are diffrent numbers from the older past add-on releases?.


According to the 2012 Volume 1 Catalog, the Proto 3 is, "......the only onboard digital sound and control package that allows users to operate their locomotives in conventional or command mode using AC and DCC. Most of our Premier Line offerings are equiped with our Proto-Scale 3-2 feature which allows the locomotives to operate on 3 or 2 rail track with just the flip of a switch."

2012 Volume 1 Catalog

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Thanks I almost forgot about Ready to Roll. Got my 1st set from them a few years ago. They have very good prices. Preordered the R36 set for 379.99. Deadline for preorders is November 28. Set is due out in June 2012.

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