I got so tired of trying to get the radar tower to work, I just rebuilt it.

I got a 12 volt a.c. low speed motor (8-10 rpm) from the auction site for $11.

The retrofit and rewire took about 30 minutes.   Wired it back up and voila!

Maybe I'll take a movie and post.



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The following is my experience, your mileage may vary.  I've got no close up photos of the projection and tubing,  but the parts diagram for this accessory are all over the interwebz.  The radar screen itself has a projection at its base that does not get enough tooth for it to rotate properly.  At my local hobby shop I purchased a length of brass tubing that, as best can be determined, is 1/32 OR 1/16 inch in diameter.   I cut off  1/4 inch piece and slid it to the bottom of the projection.  The radar screen still wobbled a tad so I put a 5 cent piece at the base of the question mark looking thingy.  You can see the nickel in my fuzzy foto.  It was just enough weight to steady and add weight to stop the wobble.  As stated, it's been about 8 years and it boots up each time I turn on the transformer.  The tower, and a few other accessories run off the accessory tap of a PW ZW if that matters.


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