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Pikes Peak Cog Railway - July 3, 2021

Pikes Peak Cog Raiway

My daughter just emailed me this photo of the Cog Railway on Pikes Peak, Colorado. She is from Michigan and she flew out to Denver Colorado for the 4th of July Weekend.

Her and her friends spent all day walking up to the peak and walking back down. I wish she had more photos of the Railway.

Her mother and my wife are from Ouray, Colorado. Just north of the Durango & Silverton Railroad.



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  • Pikes Peak Cog Raiway

How about some Black River & Western action here in New Jersey? I was talking to one of the guys taking pictures(who also helped on the 5 year restoration) that they almost did not have her running for July 4th. The dedication of the crew worked through Friday into Saturday morning to get her running. When I got back from shopping yesterday morning between 8:30 and 9AM, I heard the distinct whistle from her and wanted to get pictures. I just had way too much going on and there was no way to do it. So here are some photos followed up by some videos. Enjoy.



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During a 2014 trip to the UK, I went to the Bluebell Railway, south of London. This is a steam line which is frequently used in British TV and film dramas—for instance, Downton Abbey, 102 Dalmatians, The Woman in Black, Goodbye Christopher Robin, The Innocents, numerous BBC dramas, for instance, Endeavour—during which they change the station names.

The main station has a train shed with literally dozens of old locomotives inside.





If you're ever in London, the railway is a half hour train trip south. See website:


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Thurmond, WV   #24 turnout.  Stores fronts on the top left edge of photo,  coaling tower on top right edge of photo.


The layout of track actually fascinates  me as much as trains.  Not the detailing but more the configurations.

IMG_6860The loco was just sitting there idling

Thurmond from a Zip line 800' above New River.  WV is one beautiful state.

Thurmond or what is left of it, is tucked literally against the steep mountain side.  A prototype for  our building  fronts which we glue on our wall.

Rachel at 800' over the New River, WV 006

At the Hinton terminal one of the most fascinating things was the phone number at the "Transportation Center".

West Virgina 2011, Beautiful!! Great time 005Now that is something to model!

Not an area code but rather the entire phone number.  Period correct !


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  • Rachel at 800' over the New River, WV 006
  • West Virgina 2011,  Beautiful!!  Great time 005

This consist was put together about 2012.  Placed in an old strip mall parking lot, it was intended to be a restaurant.  The next year it was a Halloween "Escape the Haunted Train."  Following that, it was badly vandalized.  Now it is being cleaned out before removal.  I want the front half of the ALCO.   I want it to appear as if was driving out of my mountain side.

20210703_154200 [2)20210703_154243 [2)20210703_154324 [2)20210703_154357 [2)


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@third rail posted:


2017 we rode the 765 from Joliet Illinois to Chicago's LaSalle Street Station.  Lucky enough to get seats in the Hickory Creek observation car.

Curiosity concerning track detail...

Those rails in the sunlight, no ties?  Mounted directly on a concrete slab/base?  So, do  I see a slight depressed trough between the rails for runoff?   Interesting.

“Winter in July” - From Southeast Michigan.

Amtrak at Pontiac • CN Yard just north of Detroit • Amtrak Conductor • The Night Train, Ann Arbor • CP Railroad tunnel, Detroit - Windsor.

1 Amtrak #372 CN Logo #59303 Conducktor in snowjpg4 AnnArbor 5 Two locos enter tunnel

Gary: Hope to see you out rail-fanning and posting your images on “Rail-fanning on The OGR Forum”. Any day and time. 🚂


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  • 2 CN Logo #5930
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  • 5 Two locos enter tunnel

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