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You photos and comments about Chicago brought to mind my many trips there via Amtrak.  No matter where you live in the US, a trip to Chicago by train and just a day or two in town makes for a great rail excursion. Chicago has so much to see and do and there are all kinds of wonderful restaurants.  Why, just shopping along Michigan Ave. is fun.  For railfans there is always a ride on the South Shore.


Yes Conductor Earl, thanks for chiming in, Chicago is a huge railroad town, the station is really nice. We had fun at the LCCA annual convention, and a great visit with the friendly folks at the Chicagoland Model Railroad Club where they have there really neat layout. It’s a great place to visit. Also, the Museum of Science and Industry is awesome. I would like to see pictures of the trains people are saying they’ve ridden on as pictures tell a great story. This is a fun thread. Happy Railroading Everyone

This is from upstate NY, Small town called Remsen, NY. Forgot this small depot was here. It also has a turn table from years gone by. I wish they would clean around it for better photos. Started raining was told to get out of the rain. I had Pictures of a round house down in Utica, NY and a photo of a turntable that was in use till the early 80 maybe someday I will find and will post. HAGD Mark, God Bless America!


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This portion of the former SP "Sunset Route" is now designated by Uncle Pete as 'San Antonio Area'.  This westbound freight is climbing a 1% ruling grade at Strobel CTC siding.  He is near the end of his run as in 10 miles it will be at the crew change point in Alpine, TX.  Alpine is also a division point with the railroad west of there being designated as the 'Sunset Area'.  Alpine is also where Arthur Stillwell's Kansas City, Mexico & Orient RR (later AT&SF) joined the SP for a trip up Paisano Pass.  At the summit the KCM&O diverged southwest to proceed to Presidio, TX and the US border while the Sunset Route continued west to El Paso, TX.   As the view turns westward you can see evidence of my railroad career-turned-cattle rancher with my stock trailer in view.  The zoomed view westward shows iconic Mitre Peak in the distance.


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The Grandchildren at “The Lost Railway Museum” Grass Lake, Michigan.

May 6, 2021 • • The train crew in front of old #47 •• The boys watching a train movie •• Baby checking the view out of a passenger car window •• Baby got home and wants her own mask.

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Every model railroader started out rail-fanning!

Hope to see you out rail-fanning: Gary 🚂


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