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I have successfully pulled off my first PS1 to PS2/3 upgrade on MTH 20-1117L Railking Allegheny. All works except the smoke fan. Testing has shown I have no continuity through the fan so likely a bad fan unit. Smoke unit gets hot but I cannot get the fan to turn. I have switched the gray and green wires as per the upgrade instructions. No smoke movement. So the question is: is there a good replacement smoke unit or fan unit for this engine? If so, can anyone tell me where I can find the fan or the smoke unit? I checked mth parts and I cannot find the engine diagram there! Thanks so much!

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So more digging on MTH website.......I think the Railing Allegheny PSI smoke unit should be compatible with the RailKing Big Boy smoke unit which I found as part #AA120012. It doesn't look like I can just buy the fan???. But, I am still wondering if it is a better idea to buy a PS2/3 smoke unit ( IF one exists that fits this engine) that will not require the modifications needed for the PS1-PS2/3 upgrade???

The smoke unit fan uses the common MTH smoke fan motor.  It's no problem to modify the PS/1 smoke unit for PS2/3.  I normally just whack off all the excess board since you don't use any of the circuitry on that board.

The downside of buying the complete smoke unit is that many of the PS/1 smoke units have a unique stack funnel that is fixed to the smoke unit for the engine installation.


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