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i will buy or offset the cost of my want items with trains I have for trade. My want items must be Rail King with PS 2.0 in new or used condition. Will consider conversions to PS 2.0 and PS 3.0.

Here's my want list:
30-5113-1 New Haven EP5 Electric;
30-1457-1 New York Central Commodore Vanderbilt; Found it!
30-1412-1 C&O Yellow Belly Hudson;
30-1389-1 Reading Crusader;
30-79321 Long Island RR Crane;
30-79325 Long Island Crane Tender;
Lionel Tug Boat;
Lionel New York Central S2 with speed control.

Below are trains I have to trade:
30-1158-1 Rail King New York Central 4-6-0, freight Proto Sound;
RMT 5111 LIRR "Dashing Dan" RDC, conventional operation;
30-2512-1 Brill Lehigh Valley Trolley car with Protosound;
30-1125-0 Southern Crescent Limited 4-6-2;
K721-5101 Animated Coke A Cola car;
6-24112 Oil Field;

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