Dear Forum Members,

My wife asked me what I would like to do last week for Fathers Day.

I told her after church I would go to the CV club and run my trains !!!

Please enjoy the attached videos of a converted Lionel PRR CC2 (By Joe F.) his last of 54 conversions for me , Sunset C&O H8 Allegheny pulling a string of converted Lion Scale C&O 79,000 series 3 bay hoppers and a Sunset PRR Q2 with a string of Atlas/ Middle Division PRR H21 hopper cars.

Running eastbound is fellow member Chip Burnett running his GM&O doodlebug and newly acquired C&NW RDC .

Come visit us if you are in the Philly/South Jersey-Shore area this summer.

We will be also open during the Merchantville Car Show 07/13/2019.

John 609-432-2871

Strasburg Show 08/10 , 10/12/2019



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I visited the Cherry Valley club a couple of years ago.  It is truly impressive.  Being a fan of electric railroading, I was particularly struck by the catenary workmanship.  

Dan Padova


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jdunn posted:

We will be also open during the Merchantville Car Show 07/13/2019.


Address and hours, John?  Odds apparently are good that I will be able to visit that weekend.

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