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On vacation road trip with my wife and I made a point to go see Folkston for the first time.   Wonderful small Georgia town that is set up for railfanning.  A couple of viewing areas and railroad themed lodging areas to boot (I stayed in one, but not the one that's a converted B&O Caboose , set up for a single family stay).

I found out that the "Folkston Funnel" is where all the CSX Jacksonville traffic heading north/south goes through before splitting up into different directions.  As such, railfans can see an average of 60 trains per day.

Also ran into some a family of one of my wife's colleagues,  who interestingly enough, were also in town for lodging and railfanning, but weren't aware of each other doing the same thing. 😱

It was also the first time I can ever recall seeing in person locomotive power from Union Pacific, Canadian Pacific, and BNSF. Here are some videos that I took last Saturday.

And here are some photos:




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@Apples55 posted:

Wow, Kevin, car carriers, tankers, containers, Amtrak - you caught a bit of everything!!! Thanks for sharing.

Now a dumb question… do they publish a schedule for the freight trains or is it just luck???

Paul, on the freight trains, it's just dumb luck as the railroads never publicly publish their schedule.

One downer though. Speaking of car carriers, I wanted to catch the southbound Amtrak Auto Train (I've never seen one in person) as I estimated it would roll through town between 6:00-6:15a that morning based on Amtrak's Train Tracker Map, but I left the Inn where we were staying too late and just missed it 😢

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