Railking conventional ATSF Warbonnet F-3 A-B-B-A- Price reduced York delivery available


Thinning out my fleet-  Contact me at JonathonPSullivan@Hotmail.com - Prefer PayPal as a friend or take money orders. All prices listed or best offer- I ship em to you or you can pick them up from me at York or local to Hershey, PA. Will look at trades.



MTH-Railking 30-2131-0 Santa Fe F-3 A-B-B-A Warbonnet paint scheme - $200.00 shipped- CONUS

A - B - B -A

Great running engines-The powered unit is equipped with twin, flywheel equipped can motors, a DCRU E-unit and a Williams Tru-Blast horn and bell. Cab # on the lead (powered)A-unit is 16  and the dummy A-unit is # 17 Magnetic-Metal knuckle couplers 

Excellent-condition- low run time, but there is some graphic cracking on the nose of the powered unit. Nice set of diesels for the kids/ grand kids or spoil yourself.

A-A units do not have original boxes, but the B-units have their own boxes. 

I have a matching 4 car passenger set if interested as well- will make a bundle deal.


powered A frontA - B - B -AA - B - B -ADummy A unit


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