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Railking was the perfect idea for what we need in O gauge.  Cheap enough for a first time entry level train, detailed enough to compete  with the high priced boys, and still have the possibility of remote control via DCS on all 3 platforms, (ps1,2 and 3.)

And  Bill........they are the perfect three dimensional ' canvases ' for artwork and weathering .🤓

Bill, great weathering job!

Joseph you comment about RK providing a great canvas is so true.  Here's a couple of pictures of my K4 detail project. I was worried about adding 1:48 PSC detail parts to a model to a RK, less that scale model, but the bar pilot in particular was a perfect match.  I have more detail plans for this model, but this was took care of the major surgery...



Here's a picture of my M1a with a PSC pilot.  I'm obviously a Pennsy fan!



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You know it's just like jumping into a swimming pool.  You're first afraid because you don't know what the water's temperature will be.  But after a few minutes everything feels fine and it becomes a fun experience. I  recently weathered a pair of Weaver ALCO C628's using acrylic washes.  I thought I went too heavy so I cleaned it up with alcohol and started over.20210111_153840

If you have any doubts,  look at photos of prototype locomotives and cars and draw inspiration from them. I wanted these two to look like they have been hauling trains of ore cars their entire lives.


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