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@third rail posted:

Railking was the perfect idea for what we need in O gauge.  Cheap enough for a first time entry level train, detailed enough to compete  with the high priced boys, and still have the possibility of remote control via DCS on all 3 platforms, (ps1,2 and 3.)

And  Bill........they are the perfect three dimensional ' canvases ' for artwork and weathering .🤓

Bill, great weathering job!

Joseph you comment about RK providing a great canvas is so true.  Here's a couple of pictures of my K4 detail project. I was worried about adding 1:48 PSC detail parts to a model to a RK, less that scale model, but the bar pilot in particular was a perfect match.  I have more detail plans for this model, but this was took care of the major surgery...



Here's a picture of my M1a with a PSC pilot.  I'm obviously a Pennsy fan!



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  • 20181223_111051
  • 20181224_082109
  • 20190112_115606

You know it's just like jumping into a swimming pool.  You're first afraid because you don't know what the water's temperature will be.  But after a few minutes everything feels fine and it becomes a fun experience. I  recently weathered a pair of Weaver ALCO C628's using acrylic washes.  I thought I went too heavy so I cleaned it up with alcohol and started over.20210111_153840

If you have any doubts,  look at photos of prototype locomotives and cars and draw inspiration from them. I wanted these two to look like they have been hauling trains of ore cars their entire lives.


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P1020011The blue Conrail is my first MTH engine (PS1} I got getting back into the hobby in the late  90s (Jack, we're going right out the north end} The Sante Fe is one of my PS2s, You know I love the PS1 rail yard and passenger station sounds,and then PS2 was a jump forward and I liked them even more. I love the sounds of my PS1s and 2s when they idle,That's  why when I got my first PS3 I was so disappointed with the sounds (the operation and the detail is nice) but I won't be getting anymore PS3 if I ever get another engine,but I'm pretty much done buying stuff anyway.   I'm in the process of cleaning all my stuff (that's why the stuff has a little shine to it, I'm taking pictstures of all my stuff right after I clean them) But back to the thread, I love my MTH railking and it really got me back into the hobby and has given me many hours of enjoyment



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RailKing is King ... actually many Kings on my railroad.    I love that MTH produced so many short line liveries  in their RailKing line not just in locomotives but also cabooses, and rolling stock.    RailKing scale locomotives are the best value  IMHO.  MTH produced the 0-4-0 Docksider in the RailKing line , and 2-8-8-2  Y6b mallet.   Below are the individual "Rail Kings" of my fleet.  

Baltimore and Annapolis SW9 with B&A caboose. RailKing Scale. B&A switch job

Patapsco and Back Rivers VO1000  RailKing Scale33E7F9BB-EEC5-498B-9B07-7B5EC1E490BB

B&O SW9 RailKing ScaleB&O switch job three

Canton RR SW1500 RailKing Scale  and caboose E5A212F0-EB4E-45D9-8B16-77103E9AFB58_1_105_c

MA & PA SW1 99066C75-3FC0-40D1-B65E-78666D1DDDFD_1_201_a

A real gem IMHO ... The Aerotrain.    Only major manufacturer to produce one of these trains.  E8803C3B-72A5-4703-970E-C8807B310D3E

GP9 RailKing Scale CEFD0BB1-415E-4BB0-8CDD-587FFE0223C7


Y6b mallet 7542B8E8-E6B7-456E-97EB-1D50FCEF1E22


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  • E8803C3B-72A5-4703-970E-C8807B310D3E
  • CEFD0BB1-415E-4BB0-8CDD-587FFE0223C7
  • E93525DE-4B77-44AF-967D-3E8CD8F6DB17
  • 7542B8E8-E6B7-456E-97EB-1D50FCEF1E22
  • B&A switch job
  • 33E7F9BB-EEC5-498B-9B07-7B5EC1E490BB
  • B&O switch job three
  • E5A212F0-EB4E-45D9-8B16-77103E9AFB58_1_105_c
  • 99066C75-3FC0-40D1-B65E-78666D1DDDFD_1_201_a

Great topic, Arnold! And, a lot of great pix and replies!
At my (former, now disbanded, club), I was called the “Rail King” because that’s what I brought to run at the club, as it was what fit on my CBL. RK locos, and RK rolling stock. Especially loved the RK 6 car themed rolling stock sets. PRR, NYC, Southern, NH, GN are several I remember. Had a lotta problems early on with 5v locos, and got to know MTH’s repair guy, on a first name basis. Patronized a lot of dealers, but have to say, Mr. Sutter was my numero uno.

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@Transman posted:

P1020011The blue Conrail is my first MTH engine (PS1} I got getting back into the hobby in the late  90s. I love my MTH railking and it really got me back into the hobby and has given me many hours of enjoyment


I think you nailed it Joe.     That is what got me going in the hobby AGAIN.      I still like my post war stuff ,BUT, when I saw the operation of the RK ps2 dash 8 and the sounds and smoke, I was hooked.

I have many other iterations now but now that you mention it , I harken back to the memories of that first RK purchase. 

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