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Picked these cars up this past week to go behind my new Lionel 4-4-6T Army steamer #1945.

The set consists of:

MTH3069330 (Baggage, 2 Coaches, Observation)

MTH3069332 (Coach)

MTH3069331 (Combine & Diner)

I’m very pleased with the cars and I really like the dim lighting when using 18 volts of track power for Legacy operation. The only thing I’m missing are troops riding on the train. Any ideas of where I could get some?


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MTH makes a nice set of military passengers (30-11065).  I don’t see any on the FIND IT LOCALLY tab, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.  These are nice, but at $3 per figure, it would probably cost more than the cars to populate the 6 cars with these.

If you don’t mind painting them, you could get the 120 figure set (30-11043).  About half would be WACs.  Another option is to get some china ebay figures and paint them.

I’ve seen another set of painted army figures that include a few benches, but can’t recall who made them…maybe RMT, but there are none om their site at this time.

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