Micro-Mark has one...

Scale ruler 

Mascot Precision Tools also makes a 12" steel multi-scale ruler...available at a variety of sources, including LHS's.

Doug B's suggestion, though, for the use of an architect's scale at 1/4" to the foot is also practical.

I highly recommend a quality steel rule, regardless.  My scale rules suffer a fair amount of 'unmeasured' use....getting buried under piles of this-and-that on the workbench, falling on the concrete floor, being used simply for a blade guide on a straight cut, etc., etc., etc..   Plastic or wood rules with scales simply printed on the surface are going to show wear a lot faster....even though they may be less costly initially.

It's one of those essential tools at the hobby bench.....go for quality.

IMHO, of course....


Any "Standard" (only in the US, now - so it isn't really a "standard") ruler is a N. American O-scale (1:48) ruler, as 1/4" - 1 foot. Even the free ones. However, they don't help you in Britain or Europe, where O "scales" vary from 1:43 to 1:43.5 to 1:45, maybe more, to my understanding.

A metal one is better, or at least prettier, but I lost mine years ago and just use an old wooden give-away ruler for building everything. Still 1/4" to the foot. 

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