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Hello C W Burfle !--


The video posted at very TOP MOST message of this Thread,  was a composite patch-job of film-clip-segments of various different 3rd Ave EL films shot in the 1950's.


That "drunk man" scenes in that video are actually taken from THIS BELOW ATTACHED full length original either 16mm or 35mm color film shot in the early to mid-1950's - on the Manhattan 3rd Avenue EL -  THIS film has the actual filmed real audio sounds as part of the film footage.  HERE is the link to the entire original film ! Its a really good film documentary.  It shows the NY City I grew up in ! Parts of it - the opening scenes to begin with - were filmed in summer of 1950 on the 2-track South Ferry Branch of the EL, which I also rode a few times back then. That branch closed in December 1950 from S. Ferry to Chatham Square. This entire film was shot in the 1950 thru 1954 periods, in various stages.


TOO BAD that the harpsichord music (which to me, a pianist, at least, heh, isn't bad at all as such) obliterates some of the film original sounds.  However there is quite enough of the real train sounds (traction motors,gears, air brakes, doors opening & closing, etc) from the old wooden IRT EL MUDC and Q Type Cars in the film footage.


I have ALSO included some PHOTOS herein of my own 2 Rail O Scale full scale models of the two types of EL Trains that are seen in operation on the EL in the Movie film. Here is a link to a short video of my O-Scale totally scratchbuilt IRT EL MUDC Cars operating on my EL


I quite regularly rode and likewise photographed this entire 3rd Ave EL line, and those trains, in the 1950's period - and lived right next to one of its Manhattan local stations.


Enjoy the Movie film and other items here !


Regards - J. Frank






Images (3)
  • 027_27: O-Scale IRT EL MUDC EL Local Train passes by
  • 043_43: O-Scale IRT Q-Type EL Local Train passes by on the EL
  • 168_168-Dec.2008: O-Scale IRT EL MUDC Local train approaches above a Third Ave Railway System trolley
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