I operate with TMCC, Legacy, and DCS.  Once in a great while, I experience random [but repeatable] uncouplings from TMCC engines....from any manufacturer.  Replacing the coupler with a new one,  from the same manufacturer,  seems to fix the problem.  I'm trying to find the 'cause' of this problem...... ESPECIALLY if DCS  is the 'cause'.

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There can be two reasons, electrical or mechanical.  If you want to localize the reason, unplug the coupler inside the locomotive and then run it.  If it still uncouplers, it's mechanical.  If it doesn't, it's electrical.  If you have an electrical cause, try a 1uf 50V non-polarized across the coupler connector on the motherboard.

The couplers are controlled using a triac, and if electrical noise is sufficient to trigger the triac, it fires and opens the coupler.

For mechanical issues, I'd love to find a proper replacement spring for the plunger, I've yet to find that one.

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