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Brooklyn Trolley [1)

          Brooklyn & Queens Surface Lines Car

This forum lacks posts about trolley and interurban cars, so join me in posting some of your favorite photos into this post.

Brroklyn Trolley [4)

Brooklyn Rapid Transit Convertible

Trolley In Huntington

Car In Huntington, Long Island

NY & North Shore Traction [1)

New York & North Shore Traction Car On Northern Boulevard (AKA Rt 25A)

NY & North Shore Traction 12

Another New York & North Shore CarQueens Borough Bridge Plaza Trolley [1)

Queensborough Bridge Car In Queens Plaza. It is a shame how a museum let this car deteriorate beyond reasonable salvage.


Third Avenue & Steinway Cars Meet In Woodside


My Favorite Thrid Avenue Type of Car

Tonnerville Trolley Reproduction [2)

I wish this were mine!

Worcester, Ma [2)


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  • NY & North Shore Traction 12
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  • Tonnerville Trolley Reproduction (2)
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Well, I'll jump in on  this one.  My favorite trolley photo is of an Albany, N.Y. 4-wheel, double end, 4 door car.  I really don't know why this car appeals as much as it does to me.  It's just a well built vehicle, well designed to do a specific job.  I have a model under construction, and I'll post a picture of the model when it's finished.  (Don't hold your breath...I don't work fast).


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  • albanyST

Here is one from my Brooklyn Neighborhood. Its 1945 and we are on Manhattan ave and Nassayu Avenue. That is a Graham avenue car coming at us and it has come over the double bascule bridge carrying Manhattan avenue to Vernon Boulevard and Jackson Avenue in Long Island City.

When the car passes us, it will wind its way down to Broadway and then head west at Flushing Avenue to Downtown Brooklyn at Sand Street and then ascend the Brooklyn Bridge crossing to Park Row In Manhattan. This route was one of a handful that connected three boroughs in the city.

Manhattan Ave 1945 


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  • Manhattan Ave 1945

Most of the old trolley cars were burnt and the metal was saved for scrap. The BRT dropped many old trolley bodies into a sand pit at 108th St. In Canarsie Brooklyn  on a short spur off the Canarsie line. TARS dropped trolley bodies into a pit at the Garden Ave shops in Yonkers. Other cars were sold to scrap dealers and other transit companies or burnt in many locations in the Bronx  and Brooklyn along with subway and elevated cars. Many el cars were burnt in 239th St. Yard, East 175th St. Along the NYW&B right of way and the Bronx River, Classon Point, Coney Island yard and probably more.

Lyle H. Cain's Toonerville TrolleyDSCF0575

St. Charles Line streetcar on Canal Street Line in New Orleans


Riverfront Line along the Mississippi in New Orleans. The clerestory conceals air conditioning components.


The motorman is changing poles at the Uptown end of the St. Charles line in Carrollton, New Orleans


Riding the St. Charles line


A Lionel Birney trolley in a Reading paint scheme (6-83426) shares the Reading Society of Model Engineers layout with a Lionel M-10000

RSMERdgTrol&HerUnit 001

This stop: Plasticville union Station

RSMERdgTrol&HerUnit 002




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  • RSMERdgTrol&HerUnit 001
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