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Bobby Ogage posted:

Abandoned Knoxville Trolley CarsKnoxville, Tennessee Abandoned Trolley CarsBangorelectrictrolley-600x375c7d7f0c9c6d8c1259195927ed03ab405c1910-state-street-rochester-new-york-ny-postcard-view-with-trolleys-7ce8696bf926752870301be48ebf10c7card00304_fr

The "Goodbye" trolley is interesting.  Back in the late forties and early fifties many cities and towns couldn't get rid of their trolleys and interurbans fast enough and begin driving their cars on the new highways being built.  It's taken 50 years or more but this type of transportation is making a comeback. 

Happy New Year  folks. Couple of Shots from  the Brooklyn system , PCCs ran until 1956. McDonald Ave line, Coney Island Avenue and Church Avenue line ran to this date. New York City would have shut these down and replace with Buses earlier except as Rumor has it , the BMT financing for the 100 PCCs was that they had to be operated for no less than 20 years. 1956 was the 20th year. 


This one is at loop on the Church avenue line.


The Mcdonald Avenue carjust about to join with McDonald Avenue at the point where the IND connector to the Culver Line was opened in 1954. 



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I clearly remember riding the Peter Witt's to Coney Island's Steeplechase, the parachute jump, electric horses and spinning wooden tables, and the sound of their big trolley air pumps, growling motors, and hard uncomfortable wooden seas  and the PCC's on the Church Ave line flickering sparks from the trolley wire in the rain headed for the 39th street waterside loop.' Seems like yesterday. Wow. Does time go by.

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