Nate posted:

The trolley was pushed into the sand pit at 108th St. In Canarsie Brooklyn and came out the other end of the planet.

Shocking! That trolley exit point would be somewhere in the Indian Ocean south-west of Australia 



"Nice try, Lao Che!"

Hagerstown & Frederick 9 and 172 along Rt. 15 below Catoctin Furnace near Thurmont

There are many mysteries in this universe, big and small. Like, why do clowns make us laugh? Why do we love puppy dogs? And why, why do little blue midgets hit me with fish?





TheDude23112 posted:

Really like the Cony Island one.

These were TCA special run trolleys done in support of the 2015 National Convention.  There were 500 made of both schemes and unfortunately just sold out within the last year.  There is one on eBay now at a bit above original sales prices (not mine).  While not accurate to the prototype model, the paint scheme is fairly accurate.  They are just the Lionel bump and go trolleys.



LIRR Steamer posted:

Its 1948 and a New Bob Hope Jane Russell movie is playing at the Brooklyn Paramount. You could ride the DeKalb ave car right up to the box office window.


An interesting side note about the Brooklyn Paramount:

It's now a university gym, but a lot of the old theatre was preserved!


It's crackers to give a rozzer the dropsy in snide!


Remember, SCROUNGE!


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Pittsburgh Railways 4300-series double-end “Jones low-floor” car.  This is the same type of car that I am operating in my avatar photo taken at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in 2014. Can anyone identify the location of this photo?  Hint: it's running on the 59 Homeville route.





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Thank you for that wonderful photo of the Paramount interior. The Paramount was as many other movie palaces of the ages , equipped with  Wurlitzer theatre pipe organ. I believe that this pipe organ is also preserved within the Gym Transformation. It is thought to be in working order and supposedly played from time to time. These instruments had a magical sound.


LIRR Steamer

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