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The Youngstown & Southern of Ohio began operations in 1904 as a 16-mile steam line between Youngstown and Columbiana. In 1907 the line was electrified with overhead wires and extended 3 miles to Leetonia on the Youngstown & Ohio River Railroad. In addition to carrying passengers as an interurban railway, the company handled freight, primarily coal from the electric Youngstown & Ohio River Railroad and the steam Pittsburgh, Lisbon & Western Railroad. After the Youngstown & Southern entered receivership in 1915, a 1916 reorganization produced the Youngstown & Suburban Railway.


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  • Youngstown & Surban Railway
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Mason City & Clear Lake Car 19 was built by Pullman as New York & Brooklyn Bridge 97. It was purchased in April, 1909 as a trailer. It was later motorized and converted to a freight motor. Car 19 was retired in the late 1930s, but it was not scrapped until 1963.

I could not find any information about Car 97 or others of its type on the New York & Brooklyn Railway. Could Car 97 have been a cable car trailer that operated on the Brooklyn Bridge?


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Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Traction Company of Indiana

The Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Traction Company (THI&E) was formed on 1 March 1907. The Indianapolis and Western Railway, the Indianapolis and Eastern Railway, the Richmond Street and Interurban Railway, and the Indianapolis Coal Traction Company were predecessor companies. On 25 March 1907, the THI&E acquired the Terre Haute Traction and Light Company and in 1912 it purchased the Indianapolis, Crawfordsville and Danville Electric Railway. The company also controlled the Indianapolis Street Railway. Profits from the street railway and the power company assured the survival of the THI&E through the 1920s, but the company went into receivership on 2 April 1930.

The Terre Haute, Indianapolis and Eastern Traction Company was the second largest interurban in Indiana at the height of the "Interurban Era." The system had over 400 miles of track, with lines radiating from Indianapolis to the east, northwest, west and southwest as well as streetcar lines in several major cities. The THI&E was formed in 1907 as a combination of several predecessor interurban and street car companies and was operated independently until its incorporation into the Indiana Railroad in 1931. The THI&E served a wide range of territory, including farmlands in central Indiana, the mining region around Brazil, and numerous urban centers.





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Great Streetcar Strikes

The worst & bloodiest streetcar strikes may have been those in Winnipeg, Canada in 1906, 1909 and 1919. All of the photos below were taken of the strikes in Winnipeg except for the last photo which was taken in St. Johns

Winnipeg 1906

1906 Strike

Winnipeg Strike of 1906

1906 Strike

Winnipeg Strike 1909x

1909 Strike


1906 Strike

winnipeg-strike-riot of 1919

1919 StrikeMonument to Bloody Strike In Winnipeg

Monument to Winnipeg Streetcar Strikes

St Johns Canada Strike 1914

St. Johns 1914


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  • Winnipeg 1906
  • Winnipeg Strike 1909x
  • Winnipeg Strike of 1906
  • Winnipeg
  • winnipeg-strike-riot of 1919
  • Monument to Bloody Strike In Winnipeg
  • St Johns Canada Strike 1914

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