Rapido has been making customized models of New Haven Railroad locomotives (FL-9 diesel/electric, EP-5 electric) and passenger cars for the New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association for several years. They have worked closely with members of the society to make these engines and cars as accurate and precisely detailed as possible, and the very particular members of the society seem to think these are the best models ever made of their New Haven prototypes.


Can't really say.  I suspect that in the model railroad field, Rapido is probably the first, or one of the first to utilize 3D scanning of an entire locomotive. 

If you look at it from an entirely research oriented exercise to ensure that scale drawings are prepared, injection molding dies are precisely manufactured (I'm assuming plastic injection molded product here) and a plethora of added detail to the model, I think that just about every high volume manufacturer does their due diligence (I'm making these comments regarding HO and N scale, which is Rapido's core competency).

I love Rapido's product.  Bought all four of the FPA-2 A units they offered in GN, and have two B units on order.  Have 12 of their mill gondolas, 16 of their NP single sheathed box cars, and about 20 of their USRA single sheathed cars, and a Canadian Pacific D-10 on order (I interchange with the CP on my railroad). 




rdj92807 posted:

Wish O gauge guys like Lionel and MTH would step up to their quality and detail.

Lionel's and MTH O gauge products are a compromise because most 3-rail O gauge people want to run on very sharp curves.  Look at all the posts of people asking if a Big Boy will get around O-36 curves.  This requires that a model be semi-prototypical with swinging pilots, short handrails, oversize flanges, claw couplers, etc.  Why build a super detailed locomotive if it is going to have all these compromises?

That said, I think that both Lionel and MTH do a fine job detailing their top of line models above the frame.   NH Joe

Rapido never ceases to amaze me.  Not only with their products and attention to detail, but how they deal directly with quality issues, with fairly regular updates, videos of their factories (they own two in China, 500 miles apart) and their activities in railway preservation (they are restoring a LRC locomotive, RDC and VIA Sleeper and make products in support of other groups.)  Oh yeah, they also own a restored GM Toronto Transit Commission bus.

I'm surprised this small company can keep up the pace without burning out.


EMD posted:

I believe Rapido specializes in HO Canadian equipemnt

That's how they started. But, now … many American roadnames. Rapido just keeps growing.

They've been a couple of recent growing pains hiccups, but … they absolutely stand by their products. They will do whatever it takes to make you happy. It's a big part of their success. 

I don't do HO at present, and I first became aware of Jason Shron and Rapido when he did a video of the VIA passenger car in his basement, and then of his Toronto bus. Now, I rabidly follow Rapido on FB and YouTube, both for the products and the sheer entertainment of the productions. He has a quality product which is greatly expanding beyond the roads of the "Great White North".










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